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28 сентября

Hi, thanks, I managed to activate the camera, but I needed a "special" version of Forscan, current/last version doesn't recognize new ACM units, so, the menu "rear camera" didn't show has an option to change on ACM.
I think that will be included in a new version.

21 сентябряmobile

Hi, do you have the asbuilt code for camera activation on acm module? the human-readable option doesn t appear in forscan for new vehicles. Thanks

30 августа

Hi, I am installing Cruise Control on an Ecosport 2018 (SE Model).
The thing is that I can't find the pin diagram for the steering wheel connector.
I already ordered at ford dealer the multifunction button that comes with CC buttons.
On current factory installation, I have a four-pin connector on the button side and I will need to connect the new one that comes with 8 pins.
I've checked old posts for Ecosport early model but the new version of Ecosport it's quite different from the models lesser than 2017.
This is the connector that I need the description, some of those pins should be wired to the CC buttons.

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Regards from Argentina.

Ford Sync 3: кастомные прошивки и видеоплеер Аудио, мультимедиа, навигация Focus 3
27 июля


Как говорится "Никогда не говори никогда", решили все таки попробовать уменьшить "Nav_Voice" и у нас получилось!

Изначально его размер был 2.9G, уменьшили его путем удаления ANZ (ENA,ENG) и SA (ENU,PTB,SPM), в итоге размер пакета получился 1.2G (хотя занято в нем 573M).
Но и карты F9 сильно выросли в размерах (1U5T-14G421-BAF и 1U5T-14G421-BHF), после установки их и уменьшенного Nav_Voice, осталось свободно 106M (хотя если установить карты F7, можно еще спокойно установить Gracenotes, для полного фарша).
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Работает как на видео в сообщении выше, без лагов и прочего.
Все получилось благодаря терпению коллеги, задавал кучу вопросов в процессе ковыряния🤓

Hi, I'm new here in the ffclub, I have a non-nav Apim with 3.4 and I am trying to do the exact thing that you mentioned here.
I have the ANZ packages and I want to reduce it and install into sync, I have the images files mounted on a ubuntu server, it's could be possible to do this?, I didn't realize something at the moment (how to write the img file, I think I will need QNX VM) and also the signature problem.
How are you loading the modified TAR into sync?
I can't access to sync by ssh to check size partitions, all the ports are closed (checked with nmap).
But I know that maps_sa is 3.4Gb and nav_data_sa is 2Gb and apps is 1.5gb
Well, any information that can be shared, I will appreciate, I don't need a step by step guide, just some ideas or "words" that I can investigate and resolve by my self.
I also have elm327 and forscan, I've played to activate navigation but not possible to load maps directly with original TAR because I am running out of space.


Regards from Argentina