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2 апреля 2018

Hi everyone!
I got a module from USA and want to replace MAP data to other country.
When I plug in the USB, it popup SIGN_ERR01,
It is seems wrong license and anyone know how to avoid?
Is there have otherway to force replace MAP data? thanks a lot!!

my setting as bleow:
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5 апреля 2016

Any one have success installed ACC on 2015 FOCUS?
The 2015 FOCUS seems didn't support ACC function.
I had installed the F1FT-9G768-AD and replace the ACC switch and done to changed as-built parameters, It is nothing happenied when I press 'On' button.

28 мая 2011

I am new user from taiwan.
I am looking for the focus RS instrument cluster.
Any one can tell me where to buy it?

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