Welcome to ffclub!

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Welcome to ffclub! 🎈

FFCLUB is the largest community of Ford cars enthusiasts. Within 16 years we have united hundreds of thousands members from ex-USSR, most of whom are Russian-speaking. We have accumulated a lot of information about Ford cars operation, repair recommendations, units replacements reports, etc.

First steps after creating account

Please fill our your profile details - go to Settings and upload avatar, your picture, write a few words about yourself. Be sure to indicate your Car model, this will help other members to keep this in mind in replies with technical details. There are tens of thousands of us, so adding a bit of details will be useful 😉

You can change your username (nickname) in Settings, but be careful, this can be done only once!

If someone will reply you in the forum topics or write a personal message, you will receive a notification by e-mail. Also, you can connect a Telegram account (for notifications), and add social network accounts to login without entering a password.

How to mention or contact somebody?

To reply someone, click on the nickname of the user in the header of the message to insert nickname into the reply form - this user will receive a notification that you have mentioned him and he will be able to answer you faster. You can specify the user directly in the reply form - just start typing @ sign and continue with nickname.

You can also use private messages to write ffclub member directly. Click at member avatar to open his profile and use "Message" button to write a private message. This member will also receive a notification about your message.

Main page updates

All your replied or favorite topics will be displayed on the main page in the "My topics" section as soon as new messages appear in them. A complete list of notifications appears if you click on your avatar at the right top of the web page. A complete list of your replied or favorite topics you can see in the Cabinet. There are you can find a Bookmarks - forum posts that you can save as bookmarks from any topic on the site.

International conversations

Our forums are mainly in Russian language and we have created a new Internatinal forum to accumulate and translate our website information in English. Feel free to use any pre-created topics or start any new topics for your needs.

We hope you will be enjoying your stay ☺️
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18 января 2004

Welcome to ffclub!

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