[EN] Focus Mk3 2011 - quick help

28 Май 2005 - 19:20

Ask for any help about Ford Focus Mk3 (2011) in English.

This topic is mainly for people who can't speak Russian - you can ask for any help and we will try to help you.
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  30 Декабря 2016 - 15:32  #  


I've changed my old 3,5" display by new one colour display 4.2" AM5T-18B955-CH and I have BT/USB modul on my C-Max 2011, display has a FAKRA connector , my question is if the chinese reverse camera will be working correctly. Do I have to chabge the FW or just plug and play? thank you
  30 Декабря 2016 - 19:25  #  

the chineese camera will work correctly BUT it needs to flash the LCD with one of the modified software. One of them iwas made by Quickie (presented in ADS) and the second by DarkLeo (presented in UCDS).
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  30 Декабря 2016 - 20:18  #  

Thanx for fast feedback, I have ELM327 USB , there is no possible to do it with Forscan or Focccus?
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  31 Декабря 2016 - 1:19  #  

No way. Sorry about that.
  02 Января - 12:20  #  

How can I get SYNC2 navigation license???
  16 Января - 11:16  #  

hello, i keep getting this same error "vbf check sum error" every single time i try to read the bcm. i have tried to change the can time out with no luck. here is my log i hope you can help me thank you.

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  14 Февраля - 2:29  #  

hello guys
i hope that u can set English language on the website as 2nd language
because i cant find the foccccs app or the scan
also I'm beginner here
also i don't know wt type of devices may i use to connect car to pc
  14 Февраля - 7:25  #  


The Ford Focus Club (site|forum) is not associated with focccs and or forscan program. They have not official relation.
For support please refer to their site.
  14 Февраля - 20:42  #  

I would like to update FW in IPC on Focus MK3 2011 (EU version).
My IPC is on this version now:
HW: BM5T-14C226-BC
App: BM5T-14C026-BK

I downloaded these files from internet:
BM5T-14C026-ACC — Pictures / Sounds / Quad Layout
BM5T-14C026-AFE — Calibration / EEPROM
BM5T-14C026-BBD — Firmware

My question: Are these downloaded files right for update of IPC in my car?

Thank you for response.
  23 Февраля - 0:21  #  

Hi all,

I changed my 2 line display to 4.2" screen and installed the SYNC module to my 2015 Focus without any problem. Microphone, 2nd USB and AUX, bluetooth and all other functions related to SYNC works great.

I also installed GPSM. I checked with ForScan, I can see it in installed modules list.

However SYNC keeps saying on every start "Emergency assistance doesn't work, please see your dealer for service". Also I can change Emergency assistance setting in park, when the car moves it become disabled.

Are there any settings in central config related with that? What is wrong? Any help will be great.

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