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17 Марта 2004 - 16:20

Ask for any help about Ford Focus Mk2 (2005) in English.

This topic is mainly for people who can't speak Russian - you can ask for any help and we will try to help you.
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  14 Марта 2015 - 22:35  mobile  #  

Does this really help on lower the noise inside the car?
Wondering because I also want to do it in the summer
I will be inspired from here :D
  18 Марта 2015 - 21:23  #  

Yes you can achieve a Very impressive "sound reducing" result. Also the doors will open and close with a solid feeling.
But don't forget to insulate the electric window motor in order to make it work quietly.
You can use also cheap materials like i used in the rest of the door. An old tyre tube is very good at this point.

  29 Марта 2015 - 14:17  #  

Hello from Germany, my name is Manfred and I drive a Ford Focus MK2,5, built in 2005, gasoline. My problem is that I can not update my instrument cluster. I use ELMConfig 0.2.16c with changed ELM327. I get the following error message "this dashboard is not supported". Can someone help me, thanks in advance.
Online translated into English.
Greetings from Germany
  30 Марта 2015 - 21:35  #  

ELMconfig does not support prerestyled dashboard.
  30 Марта 2015 - 22:06  #  

Have I got an instrument cluster with onboard computer, but I get the same error message
  31 Марта 2015 - 13:17  mobile  #  

A cold bright led is very usefull here.
  04 Апреля 2015 - 16:21  #  

In this video you can hear the difference even from the outside!
  05 Апреля 2015 - 12:11  #  

Nice, and internal noise during the ride? I can hear mostly from the rear weels on mine and I think it's important to start working on the back side as you did now
By the way what is that Ford black bag? :)
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  05 Апреля 2015 - 14:07  #  

The noise level became the lower possible and it is very satisfying. It's like the focus now belong to a much more "premium category".
And the fun is that now i can hear creaks and small noises that before i was ignore their existence!

The perforated black bags, that i was surprised to find, is what ford choose for soundproofing the section (and maybe against mold) ..
It's just for laughs

Don't forget that a used thick tube of a truck tyre is for free and delivers Very Good result if you apply it very carefully.
Trust me!
  22 Апреля 2015 - 21:18  #  

These injectors replaced the old ones after 170.000km.
The result is that the annoying metallic noise was disappeared and a very smooth operation took his place.

  23 Апреля 2015 - 21:58  #  

Finally arrived! Very good quality, nice shape, modern design. This steering wheel gives the feeling of a luxury car!

Credits to Yuriy Zavaliy from SS-Tuning.com

  24 Май 2015 - 15:12  #  

This strut bar, placed over the existing ST225 strut bar, will add the extra stiffness that i need to get closer to the "perfect" steering sharpness and feedback.

  26 Май 2015 - 8:45  #  

Привет: Я мужчина, Испания заинтересована в покупке модуля AFS и все провода, как aparwcen в unagen ниже. Кручу модуль датчика провода только фол Любой человек может получить

Большое спасибо С уважением

  26 Май 2015 - 9:53  #  

speak english, more people will understand
  26 Май 2015 - 10:36  #  

Hello good morning I'm looking for the AFS module and all wires as it comes in picture can anyone get? thank you very much sorry for the inconvenience regards
  26 Май 2015 - 13:15  #  

цитата (sworks)
Hello good morning I'm looking for the AFS module and all wires as it comes in picture can anyone get? thank you very much sorry for the inconvenience regards

Так бы сразу и сказал!", -А ещё там дерево - во! :yes:
  26 Май 2015 - 15:44  #  

Короче, он хочет купить модуль AFS с проводами
  26 Май 2015 - 16:14  #  

скажи ему что это шо ух какой лот и так просто не валяется
  26 Май 2015 - 16:47  #  


Да хочет купить модуль AFS с проводами

Может кто-нибудь получить?
  26 Май 2015 - 17:15  #  

And a small badge on the top of the engine, just to remind me that cosworth cams live in there the last 9 years.. !

  26 Май 2015 - 21:30  #  

Does anyone know the references found that the cables are attached to the module afs to buy pieces?
  28 Май 2015 - 19:33  mobile  #  

  28 Май 2015 - 21:19  #  

цитата (sworks)
Hello good morning I'm looking for the AFS module and all wires as it comes in picture can anyone get? thank you very much sorry for the inconvenience regards
I think that you can't find the finis codes of these spare parts.
you can search these parts on the private marketplaces. For example here
  29 Май 2015 - 0:09  #  

AFS buy or cable adapter as shown in photo. Spain to send someone please make an exception and urging me.

thank you very much
  03 Июня 2015 - 18:57  #  

Can sombody help me whith a link were i can se how to get DPF of ECU/PCM whit elconfig.I have a ford focus 2 1.6TDCI 109CP from 2005.Thank You
  04 Июня 2015 - 11:57  #  


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