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17 Марта 2004 - 16:20

Ask for any help about Ford Focus Mk2 (2005) in English.

This topic is mainly for people who can't speak Russian - you can ask for any help and we will try to help you.
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  13 Августа 2014 - 17:03  #  

Hello from Greece, i remember saw a thread for the problems on the DA3 2.0 duratec inlet manifold - flaps - but i cant found it now..
I got a permanent solution for that problem in very low cost and i want to post some pictures and sketches, to whom it may concern.
I'm not selling anything i'm just a focus maniac!
Thank you.
  18 Сентября 2014 - 7:57  #  

Hi. Please help. I have C-MAX 1.8, petrol, 2003 year. Lately, a car still give me these two errors:
- P2122 - Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch D Circuit Low
- U1900 - CAN Communication Bus Fault

Engine light if OFF, but the dashboard behaves strangely. It hangs up.
Here it is - before start engine and when i start engine: "http://youtu.be/ZGA5vyBcVdg"
Dashboard displays messages:
- engine fault
- reduced acceleration

I can't delete these errors with ElmConfig, these will return again in a short time.
Despite this, the car drives normally ...
I wanted to find solution on this forum but i hardly speak Russian (even with google translator it's difficult).
I asked on other forums in my country but i didn't get a reply.

Should i replace a gas pedal ? New or used ? (used is much cheaper than new one ...) Fuses ?
Please give me an advice.
  19 Сентября 2014 - 15:02  #  

I am not a mechanic but it seems like you got problem on TPS. As the original throttle body is smaller than it should be and very expensive we developed a new kit that bolts on the stock inlet manifold, solves the problem, using a much more reliable TPS, and delivers much better. We use it almost 7 years now without malfunctions - side effects. (It does not work fine on the ST150) but works perfectly on focus II and C-Max. Email me for further help or instructions.

  21 Сентября 2014 - 18:13  #  

To whom it may concern.
Recently i decided to reinforce the chassis of my DA3 focus. For many years I watched every possible solution on focus 'es and mazda3's . I finally decided to go my on way so, I design and construct this brace. There is huge difference on stiffness of chassis and how the car reacts now. I am more than pleased.

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  22 Сентября 2014 - 9:36  #  

Hi m_stavros,

My throttle body looks quite different (engine 1.8l petrol).
Can i replace the throttle position sensor ? The problem is - i never seen this sensor separately for purchase (only together with throttle).
Maybe there are some replacements ?

Another thing: i was told that i had damaged dashboard (electrical path on PCB) ...

So either throttle position sensor or dashoboard ...
  22 Сентября 2014 - 14:15  #  

It looks quite different because it's different. This Throttle body is used on mustang and F150.
Also you cannot buy TPS separately.
Your stock throttle body is exactly like the one that is used on ford focus.

After almost a year i collected all the harden rubber mounts of my focus. HardRace parts.
  26 Сентября 2014 - 10:04  #  

are the australian parts much better than german?
  26 Сентября 2014 - 10:32  #  

Do you mean if the Hardrace parts are better than the original ford ones? I think is far more better. My car is almost 10 years old now and it feels like new again.
I bought them from UK, Australia, Taiwan. Wherever it was cheaper. It took me almost a year to collect them.
The cars feels amazing now!

I'm now trying to retrofit new anti roll bars. The option for the front axle is the stock Mazda 3 mps anti roll bar. It is cheap and stronger than mine. And for the rear axle i'm trying to see how can i relocate the drop links and fit the anti roll bar from mondeo mk4 or the focus RS mk2 or the new ST.

I got the idea many years ago from a team called SRR in taiwan. Here is a photo of their anti roll bar. Very interesting..

  27 Сентября 2014 - 22:16  #  

Finally i bought a 2.0 tdci front anti roll bar (22.5mm diameter) and a pair of powerflex bushings. I replace my worn 10 years old bushings and my 18mm anti roll bar and i got impressive results.

  28 Сентября 2014 - 13:04  #  

Does it fit for 1.6 ti-vct vehicle?
  28 Сентября 2014 - 18:09  #  

Yes it does.
Remember that an aftermarket front anti roll bar costs about 230€ .
So you can buy a 2.0 Tdci 22.5mm front anti roll bar for about 70€ - 80€ .
You will also need new bushings.

If you got a Ti-vct model you should know that you can use the inlet manifold from the Puma 1.7 Also the throttle body of the 2.0 duratec focus.
You have to transplant the tps from your stock throttle body to the 2.0 and use an adaptor to connect the new manifold to the new throttle body.
(from puma 1.7 to focus duratec 2.0).

Something like i did with my throttle body (from duratec to mustang) if you look the photos above.

Great benefits

Look at the engine of the Ti-vct in the middle car.
  29 Сентября 2014 - 4:10  #  

  17 Октября 2014 - 11:07  #  

As i already mentioned i am trying to relocate the rear anti roll bar. I am trying to copy the RS mk2 - ST mk3 rear anti roll style. After hours and hours of reading and comparing I decided to buy and test the mondeo's mk4 rear anti roll. It was very disappointed that i miss my target for only 3cm (1,5 from each side)..

  29 Октября 2014 - 18:12  #  

One more useful information is that the 2.0 Duratec can use exhaust headers (manifolds) for the mazda 3 2.3.
I did it many years a go and still delivers like new. This is a Draxas part.

  29 Октября 2014 - 18:14  #  

  29 Октября 2014 - 18:27  #  

There is only one problem that came up. The 2.3 engine is 14mm taller so the lambda sensor was to close to the steering rack and was hitting it on every engine movement.
It wasn't really a problem for me because i was about to change the gearbox lower mount anyway.
I did a new mount from teflon and tested it but was Noisy and Very Vibrant, so i did a new one from a very hard rubber.
That was it! A perfect combination.
  31 Октября 2014 - 21:21  #  

  15 Ноября 2014 - 21:09  #  

hi guys!

i have a problem with heated seats, I would really appreciate your help as I did some research, but Im not very skilled in car electronics. here are my posts: ffclub.ru/topic/54170/go_post/16080835/

thank You!
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  19 Ноября 2014 - 22:18  #  

Some time ago i was very lucky and didn't badly crash the car.. i only broke plastic parts under the front bumper.
I didn't notice that the inner fender was facing the tyre and a smell of burned plastic was following the car on every highway... Recently i saw the damage and the side effects as water was spraying to the back of the headlight and the wire connectors were full of rust. The headlight was out of order a few days now. Also the tyre is badly worn. Next damage to happen was the steering wheel tank etc.. I bought a new plastic inner fender for 8€ !!! and the front under bumper cover for 9€!!! www.polcar.com
A fair quality for the price and very good fitting!

  21 Ноября 2014 - 17:20  #  

Front axle "almost" ready. This little addition added huge amount of stiffness.

  26 Ноября 2014 - 17:01  #  

Rear chassis ready. This torsion bar was the cherry on the cake!

  26 Ноября 2014 - 17:04  #  

Rear axle ready. This discreet intervention stabilized the anti roll bar.

  28 Ноября 2014 - 2:09  #  

Знаете ли вы, MK2 (DA3) я могу поставить маты mk3?

FloorLiner™ DigitalFit®

  28 Ноября 2014 - 20:26  #  

cool nuts! :apl:
  01 Декабря 2014 - 18:14  #  

I bought this brake fluid tank from a 2006 C-Max. I will try to replace the stock two brake fluid tanks with this one. It will give me enough space to install a second strut bar (ultra racing UR-TW2-246) above the stock ST225 strut bar that is already installed.


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